As the experts in solar powered outdoor advertising solutions, we have a clearly defined process for assessing all our projects. Each Solar Adtek project has its own unique set of challenges, opportunities, and benefits. Each one is ultimately designed to reduce operating costs and give a better illumination while eliminating carbon emissions. In all cases, we aim to limit disruption to our client’s services. Because each of our applications takes into account a range of factors, we can bring the best to each project. We assess each under 4 different pillars: Ownership, Lighting, Environment and Technology.


Reducing or eliminating the cost of ownership of a system is a huge benefit. There are two aspects to this: the cost of installation and the ongoing cost. Depending on the application the installed cost is typically less than the cost to excavate a grid connection. Autonomous solar power eliminates the costs of grid connection and the associated excavation works required. Ongoing energy costs are zero and with long life LED lighting, maintenance is significantly reduced.


Our focus is on improving lighting for outdoor advertising. Displays that are visible at night can command higher advertising rates. We also look at removing glare and dark areas for optimum viewing. Our custom designed LEDs use very little power and provide bright, uniform, and vibrant display illumination. Another hugely important aspect of our lighting technology is for courtesy lighting especially for public transport users. This not only improves user safety but increases passenger numbers.


We are passionate about the environment. Therefore, we put a focus on renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions at the heart of everything we do. It’s an area of continuous change and innovation and one where we are constantly finding new ways of providing solutions. Some of our units can save up to 1,000 kgs of carbon annually compared to grid connected shelters. Our lighting is safe, low voltage and contains no mercury. Our smart sensor system ensures that illumination is only provided when and where required to reduce light pollution.


It’s the technology that brings everything together. Our operating system is continuously evolving with remote monitoring, programming, and system alerts. It automatically adjusts the power output to compensate for periods of low solar charge. The system features user programmable lighting settings with built-in solar battery protection including options based on timers, dawn/dusk or seasonal events. There is an ever-increasing amount of development in this area to ensure our systems continue providing the best and easiest to manage performance.

Our commitment at Solar AdTek is to offer you reliable, cost-effective, and innovative solar and mains connected lighting. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects using our applications. You can view several case studies on our Solar Adtek project page. We always love a new challenge so if you have a specific solar or lighting project that needs a solution just get in touch.