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System Overview

The Solar Bus Shelter Lighting system combines AdTek’s Solar Control Unit with best in class PV panels and batteries. Bespoke LED lighting illuminates advertising box and courtesy light.

Solar Control Unit

The Solar Control Unit automatically measures location, day and night, weather, seasons and temperature.

It combines this information with a series of logarithms to efficiently charge and maintain the batteries.It controls the load output to power the lighting or motors with user adjustable brightness levels, on/off times and system fail safe settings.

Mobile communications and customer dashboard allow for fitting of sensors, system alerts, and remote configuration or re-programming.

Solar Control Unit includes

MPPT controller which maximises solar charge to the batteries
Depth of discharge control for battery life optimisation
Temperature compensation and over/under charge protection
Output load control for PWM dimmable LED lighting, E-ink displays and 3 rd party equipment
Programmable on/off settings using timers, dawn/dusk or PIR occupancy sensors
Automatically responds to seasonal changes/adverse weather conditions

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