Solar Powered Lighting for Billboard Advertising

Solar Billboard Illumination

Autonomous, self regulating solar power for billboard LED lighting and motorised displays.

Integrated mobile communications provide remote programming and monitoring of system sensors and alerts.

Solar Billboard Illumination


Reduced Cost of Ownership

Stand-alone solar power eliminates costs of grid connection and associated excavation works.

Zero ongoing energy costs.

Reduced maintenance with long life LED lighting.


Custom designed LED optics provides bright, uniform and vibrant display illumination.

Displays that are visible at night command higher advertising rates.

Modular lightweight design


Renewable energy source with zero carbon emissions.

Over 1,000 kgs of carbon saved annually compared to grid connected billboards.

Safe low voltage, non fragile LED lighting with no hazardous mercury.

Operating System

Mobile communications with remote monitoring, programming and system alerts.

Automatically adjusts power output to compensate for periods of low solar charge.

User programmable motor and lighting control with built-in solar battery protection.

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