Grid and Off-grid LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting for Ad Boxes, Billboards, Highway Signs and Shelter Canopies

A range of modular LED luminaires with customised optics suitable for illuminating back lit ad boxes and face lit displays.

Suitable to operate on grid connected or standalone solar powered sites. Luminaire designed to be scalable to any length.

Up to 77% savings in energy costs compared to existing lighting.

LED lighting for Ad Boxes, Billboards


Reduced Costs

Up to 77% energy and cost savings compared to Fluorescent.

Quick and easy to install which reduces labour costs.

Reduced maintenance costs with long life LED lighting.


Range of modular fixture lengths scalable for all applications.

Custom LED optics designed to eliminate glare and shadow.

High brightness LEDs with true colour rendition provide bright, uniform and vibrant display illumination.


Up to 770 kgs of carbon saved annually per display compared a 3 fluorescent lamp display .

Safe low voltage, non fragile LED lighting with no hazardous mercury.


Adjustable bracket mounting system facilitates speedy installation.

Suitable for on-site or factory installation.

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