Solar AdTek showcase their Smart Solar Lighting and Communications

Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve city-region challenges and improve city life. Its aim is to position Dublin as a world leader in the development of new urban solutions, using open data, and with the city region as a test bed.

Over 35 exhibitors from leading multinationals, SMEs and research and innovation centres showcased a range of future technologies that are being developed, piloted and scaled in Dublin and Ireland. The smart city concept is moving from the realms of science fiction to a reality with Dublin becoming a hub for smart city innovations.

Solar AdTek demonstrated solar powered LED lighting systems for the illumination of advertising displays on bus shelters and billboards. Our intelligent system controller maximises power generation and optimises distribution to our energy efficient LED lighting.

Integrated remote communications facilitate:

Performance monitoring, fault diagnostic and remote programming.

Sensors alert client of damage or unauthorised entry to display

Sensors to count ad viewers, passing traffic, carbon dioxide, weather

E-ink displays – public information, RTPI signs, timetables and WI-FI hotspots

Other exhibitors included smart solar bins, along with technology giants such as Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Ericsson, IBM and Cisco who showed their latest smart city innovations and projects, many of which are being piloted or innovated in Dublin. A wide range of start-ups and SMEs demonstrated their capability to drive new innovations in areas like low cost bicycle theft tracking, air quality monitoring, wearables, smart parking and low cost flood monitoring solutions.