Both businesses and homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon emissions and become more environmentally friendly. Retrofitting lighting is the process of replacing outdated lighting fixtures with energy-efficient alternatives. It has become a powerful solution to reduce energy consumption, cut costs, and enhance overall environmental stewardship.

Over the past decade Solar AdTek has been involved in many lighting retrofitting projects. These are the top 4 benefits:


Traditional lighting, such as fluorescent tubes, are hugely inefficient, with a significant portion of energy wasted as heat rather than light. They are banned for sale in Europe due to their harmful mercury content and inefficiency.

Retrofitting to LED technology can give dramatic energy savings. LEDs are more energy-efficient and convert a higher percentage of electricity into visible light while generating minimal heat. This efficiency results in lower utility bills as well as reduced carbon emissions. Solar AdTek’s LED lighting solutions offer savings in energy and CO2 emissions of up to 90% compared to fluorescent tubes and 40% versus standard LED tubes.


Retrofitting lighting fixtures can deliver substantial long-term cost savings. Obviously, the reduction in energy consumption results in lower costs, but LED lamps have a significantly longer lifespan than traditional alternatives, before needing replacement. This longevity reduces the frequency of replacements and lowers maintenance costs. Our solutions last up to 10 times longer than fluorescent tubes and 50% longer than LED tubes. In most cases, maintenance costs have been removed altogether.


One of the most noticeable benefits of retrofitting is the improvement in lighting quality. Unlike fluorescent tubes, which can flicker and produce harsh glare, LED lighting offers consistent brightness and colour rendering, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain. However, LEDs were not designed to illuminate advertising displays. These displays create other challenges, for example a standard 2m2 display is usually 1800mm high and the tubes that fit into this are 1500mm. This can create dark patches on the top and bottom of the display. Also, as the tubes are usually directly behind and quite close to the display, we can often see bright spots where they are positioned. Our lighting is designed specifically for advertising displays. It Illuminates the poster from either side of the advertising light box. As a result, it achieves bright, vibrant, and uniform lighting without hotspots and dark patches.


Governments and companies are aware of the urgent need to combat climate change, and reducing carbon emissions has become critical. Lighting retrofitting presents a tangible opportunity to contribute to sustainability efforts by lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By making the switch a business can greatly reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility. The disposal of our LED lighting at end of life poses fewer environmental risks compared to traditional options. This is because they contain no hazardous materials such as mercury.

Any decision to retrofit your lighting is not just about replacing outdated fixtures. It is a strategic investment in sustainability with the benefit of longer-term cost savings. Are you interested in reducing energy consumption and lowering operating expenses while also benefitting the environment and improving the illumination of your displays? Then just contact us at Solar AdTek to book an initial exploratory call.