Solar AdTek developed a bespoke off grid solar lighting systems for a UK company to illuminate their cycle shelters in locations where it was difficult or expensive to access a grid connection for power. These shelters are located throughout the UK and so the requirement was for a standard module to suit all locations

The solar lighting systems needed to be simple to integrate into their shelters and installed either in the factory or on site.

This provides illumination and a safe environment at night for the users. The system consists of PV panel, LifePo4 batteries, charge control, battery management and smart sensors.

Smart sensors are integrated to allow the light to be brighter when in use and dim down once the shelter is empty to reduce light pollution and conserve battery. Finally, all systems needed to be able to handle long winter nights with short days to charge the batteries.


  • Bespoke off grid solar lighting system for cycle shelters
  • Suitable for integration into existing shelters
  • Flexibility to install in factory or on site
  • Includes smart sensors and battery management system


  • Increased user safety and comfort with solar lighting
  • No digging or trenching for connection to grid power
  • Solar system is typically less than grid connection costs
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • No ongoing energy costs
  • Long life system
  • Bright illumination of the shelter for users
  • More cyclists using the shelters