Solar AdTek worked with Micromedia to bring the first fully solar powered billboard to the island of Ireland.

Four solar panels installed on the roof of the site in Dublin enabled both of the existing billboards to operate 100% off-grid. The PV panels were installed using bespoke ballast boxes to ensure that there was no impact on the flat roof.

The result is first zero carbon emission illuminated billboard in Ireland. This site has zero ongoing energy costs or carbon emissions.

We created site specific ultra efficient lighting using three different types of optical lenses, one to illuminate the top, one the middle and one for the bottom of the billboard. These lenses were positioned over the LED lights in order to maximise the throw of light evenly over the entire billboard.

This site had grid power already connected but our client Micromedia wanted to reduce their overall carbon impact by using off-grid solar


  • Smart solar system to produce autonomous lighting for 2 billboards
  • Solar panels fitted on flat roof under one billboard to provide power to illuminate both signs
  • Site-specific ultra-efficient lighting designed and manufactured in Ireland
  • Bespoke optical lenses positioned over the LED lights in order to maximise the throw of light evenly over the entire billboard
  • Bright vibrant and uniform lighting delivers fresh illumination of the displays


  • Off-grid means zero ongoing energy costs
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Long life of the system with little maintenance required
  • ​The carbon ROI on producing and installing the entire solar lighting system is 3 years.