One of the positives that came about over the past 2 years was the switch to digital forms of communication. This not only provided time and cost savings but also energy efficiencies from reduced transport costs. Now many of our meetings are now easily and efficiently run online. And while we do feel that this approach is here to stay, we also feel it’s important to meet our clients face to face. This way we get to better understand both the people and the project.

We were delighted to get the opportunity, over the past couple of weeks, to visit both Spain and Poland.

Eoin OBroin along with Leah Curtin, Enterprise Ireland were delighted to be in Spain recently for several site visits and consultations.

Eoin OBroin speaking on the benefits of solar and grid connected lighting at the Enterprise Ireland Warsaw event in Poland.

We have a saying in Ireland, Níl Aon Tinteán Mar Do Thinteán Féin or there’s no place like home. But there’s also nothing quite like being out and meeting those we deal with either!

We would love to talk to you about your project, so just get in touch.