For many of our customers, an easy way to reduce energy is to look at retrofitting our bespoke LED lighting in existing displays. The first step we take, when talking with a client on this subject, is an evaluation of their current estate including running costs. This allows us to offer realistic advice on how they can become more efficient.

At Solar AdTek, our mission is to continually developing innovative solar and mains-connected LED lighting technologies for OOH displays. The aim is to reduce operating costs while providing better illumination of our client’s displays.

3 Factor Approach

There are 3 factors that we assess during any evaluation – energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, and the enhancement of the poster displays.

It’s a simple process. A short consultation allows us to provide an evaluation of the current outdoor lighting. We then make recommendations on changes that can be made to the existing lighting and the impact these will have. This means our clients can gain a clear understanding of whether they can make savings by changing and how to implement these changes.

Energy Savings

To date Solar AdTek has helped clients save in excess of €3,500,000 in annual energy costs. Maintenance costs have been eliminated and savings of over 16,000 Tonnes of CO2 emissions made annually. We feature a number of client case studies on our website including this one in Ireland. In this case, the client reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions by 2 Gigawatts or 88% annually.                   

We also offer access to funding through our partnership with Vivid Edge. This partnership allows our clients, in Ireland and internationally, to realise energy savings and carbon reductions, by unlocking funding to facilitate green energy projects.

Lighting Comparison

An increasing number of our customers are retrofitting our LED lighting solutions. Not only is this being driven by the current energy crisis but by the quality of illumination. If you would like more information on what this could mean for your business, simply get in touch. We’ll show you how we can assist in reducing your operating costs.