Solar AdTek and NuLumenTek are delighted to announce their new partnership for projects in the MENA region. Having previously been involved in a number of projects together, the companies recognised the potential for a partnership. They are now combining their separate areas of expertise to offer a single solution to clients.

Solar AdTek provides solar and LED lighting products, primarily for the Out of Home Advertising industry, throughout Europe. While they have already provided solutions to a number of clients in the Middle East they felt that having an “on the ground” presence would be far more beneficial. This is now possible through the new partnership with NuLumenTek. Engineers are available to discuss projects from outset as well as providing advice during installation. Ongoing maintenance of their solar and LED lighting products will also be provided.

NuLumenTek is headquartered in Cork. The company are well established in the MENA region with offices in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They also recently opened an office in London. The company provides lighting solutions ranging from standard commercial and specialist products to architectural design focused products.

A speciality is large scale retrofit. NuLumenTek have delivered some of the largest lighting retrofit projects in the middle east in recent years. They partner with end users, specialist contractors, support architects and lighting designers. The aim is to achieve the right balance in terms of aesthetics and functionality, while always delivering the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Eoin O’Broin, CEO, Solar AdTek

“We believe this new partnership will greatly enhance our service offering in the MENA area. It will help make our products far more appealing and accessible to clients. It combines expert technical support provided right from the start of any project with the offer of ongoing maintenance. This means our service proposition now supports our product proposition. NuLumenTek are a specialist lighting solutions provider. They have an an excellent reputation for quality product and cutting edge technical and design support. This aligns perfectly with our objectives for penetrating the middle east market. We are very excited about the partnership with NuLumenTek and how it will give us the opportunity to grow our business.”

Jim Healy, Managing Director, NuLumenTek, added 

Solar AdTek offer a range of exciting and innovative lighting solutions in a niche market. We will be supporting them on the ground in the Middle East. Our network of experienced engineers will be able to guide and advise end users on the range of solutions available from Solar AdTek. Their offering compliments our own innovative approach for delivering energy efficient sustainable solutions.”

A key goal for both companies is to provide energy efficient lighting solutions. This not only reduces costs but also carbon emissions providing huge benefits for both clients and the environment. With their visions aligned, the new partnership offers significant opportunities for both companies.

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