Our innovative lighting solutions reduce operating costs and give a better illumination, while eliminating carbon emissions. We are the leading developer and supplier of innovative solar powered lighting for outdoor advertising. Each of our projects has had its own unique set of challenges, opportunities, and benefits. The benefits include immediate energy and carbon savings.

The Challenge

Being true to our vision, we are continuously developing new lighting solutions. Overall, the results aim to reduce costs while giving a better illumination. One project that shows how we apply and adapt our solutions is our partnership with TII and Transdev here in Dublin. This resulted in the design and manufacture of a Smart LED lighting solution that significantly enhances the appearance of their advertising totem displays while reducing operating costs.

The problem had several different sides to it. These included lighting failures, poor quality lighting and high running and repair costs. The challenge was to find a solution that would be uniform and brighter showing the true colours, with greatly reduced maintenance costs. All of this while also providing energy and carbon savings.

Uniformly illuminating a 180-degree curved poster display is a challenge. But it’s exactly the types of challenge we relish, and we rose to the occasion!

The Solution

By combining technologies from our billboard and ad-box lighting solutions, we created a bi-directional luminaire. This lights the full width and height of the curved poster area. A LED lighting system with a custom clip-in mounting was installed. This provides brighter, more uniform, and vibrant illumination of the advertising posters. It also enhances the appearance of the advertising totem column.

These totems are different in size and structure than the standard 2×2 metre poster displays used for advertising on the bus and rail networks. The LED lighting solutions we supply are energy efficient, reliable and designed for > 50,000 hours of operation. They are supplied with a five-year warranty. These features reduce the operating costs and carbon emissions.

The project involved the removal of all existing lighting hardware. This was across the 400 advertising displays on both the Red and Green line LUAS platforms. To benefit from daylight savings the new Smart LED lighting was installed with photocell controls. And all works were carried out without affecting passengers or the operation of the LUAS tram services.

So, a project that not only delivered on its objectives with better illumination and cost savings, but it had no impact on service for the customer.

A further benefit that we delivered to the client was to illuminate the bottom of the advertising columns. This enhanced the assets even further.

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