The issue of rising energy prices

Energy prices are rising. It’s a simple fact. It’s not going to change. According to S&P Global, energy power prices are set to jump another 30% in Europe by 2025. That’s just 3 years away. Gas and carbon emissions prices are driving this as well as the planned phase out of some coal and nuclear power generation units. LED solutions can be a viable alternative which can save on energy consumption.

By installing clean, green solar power to new billboards and bus shelters instead of connecting to the grid, your energy costs will be zero. Retrofitting our LED lighting will upgrade the quality of your displays and will enable energy cost reductions of up to 80%. These are both options that Solar AdTek can help outdoor advertising companies implement.

Solar solutions for Outdoor Advertising

Solar AdTek has developed LED lighting specifically for use in OOH displays. It has been shown that this will save you up to 80% of your energy consumption. This lighting option is being requested and used by a growing number of our clients throughout Europe and the Middle East.

This lighting solution has generated annual savings of over €3,000,000 to date. It is now a tried and tested solution for our clients based on over 10 years in production and many thousands of installations. There are a selection of energy efficient LED solutions available for 2m2, column and 8m2 backlit displays, static and scrolling and front lit billboards.

The illustration below shows the annual savings based on a 12 hour lighting period. The product is a 200 x 2M2 light boxes using 4 x 58W FL tubes V’s Solar AdTek 54W Luminaires.

Annual Cost Savings

This project in Ireland is a great example of how we enabled our client to save 2 GWh or 88% of their energy costs annually.

Another project in Italy illustrates savings of 358MWh of annual savings.

Advantages of solar lighting solutions

There is the cost and energy savings from selecting solar power. This will only increase over the next few years. However, there are additional advantages to making this switch to solar lighting solutions. An LED lighting solution offers a much longer life than traditional lighting system which means virtually no maintenance. This is combined with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Solar AdTek’s LED lighting has been specially developed for advertising displays. It provides a bright, vibrant and uniform illumination of the posters. But there is an added bonus with connecting our LED lighting to your advertising displays. That is the reliability and very long life of the product which reduces or remove maintenance costs.

Do you want to ensure you have a solution in place to combat increasing energy cost? Then simply get in touch for an initial chat.