We usually showcase our finished product from the outside. A bus shelter or free standing 2m2 display, courtesy lighting in a bus or bike shelter or billboards. These can be solar powered or grid connected. These are all solutions that stem from some amazing science and state of the art technology behind the scenes.

Each project is unique

Each of our projects has had it’s own unique set of challenges, opportunities and benefits. Our wealth of experience and technical knowhow, alongside modern technologies enable us to understand the perfect solution for each application.

We design and produce our LED lighting for solar and grid connected lighting here in Ireland. It is produced to ensure very efficient power consumption, long life and bright, uniform illumination of the advertising posters.

What is behind the scenes?

We use the most efficient LED chips available on the market which offer bright illumination with very low power consumption. LED chips and connectors are loaded in large reels to on to a clever “pick and place” machine which automatically places and solders each part to the Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs.

The layout of the LED lighting is different for each specific project. Each board and individual LED chips are tested to conform with our high standards.

Automated machine picking up components and placing on the PCBs

Final Steps

Following the rigorous quality control testing of each completed PCB, after they come off the assembly line, they are then ready to be fitted with bespoke lenses. We use specialised optical lenses depending on the particular application and project.

The PCBs are then fitted into IP65 waterproof aluminium enclosures. These are packaged along with fixing clips and power supply units to ship to the client.

Have a look at our little video below to see the different stages that each fitting goes through. If you have a project that you’d like to talk to us about, then just get in touch. We’re always delighted to share some of the behind magic from the science and technology behind the scenes.