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Solar AdTek is focused on developing innovative solar technologies that reduce operating costs while eliminating carbon emissions.

The Founders recognised that there are a large number of outdoor advertising displays which are not illuminated at night. It was obvious that solar powered illumination would help maximise  the impact and revenues of these off-grid advertising sites.

A fully integrated solar system that revolves around our Solar Control Unit which manages the solar power generation and distribution to peripheral devices. The founders have spent over three years developing an autonomous, self regulating controller with remote communications, which ensures that the customers demand for continuous lighting is maintained.

The company has developed a range of energy efficient LED luminaires with customised lensing and dimming control to achieve a uniform and vibrant display illumination within the narrow confines of the ad-box. This LED lighting is also suitable for retro-fit into existing powered displays.

The solar system has been designed to provide power and communications for third party equipment such as Real Time Passenger Information displays, Highway signage and remote Wi-Fi hotspots.

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