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Solar AdTek provide solar powered LED lighting systems for the illumination of outdoor advertising displays such as bus shelters and billboards. The system combines a proprietary Solar Control Unit and customized LED lighting modules with efficient solar panels and batteries to deliver autonomous, reliable and cost effective solar lighting solutions

Solar AdTek's in-built mobile network connection provides the communication necessary for Real Time Passenger Information signs, Wi-Fi Hotspots, remote cameras and remote system diagnostics.

Replacing existing fluorescent tubes with our bespoke LED lighting will provide an energy saving of up to 80%

benefits of solar


Solar provides power and illumination to sites where grid connection is not accessible or cost prohibitive to install.


Illuminated displays score better in audience measurement and attract a premium. Upgrading dark inventory with solar lifts overall ratings and yields.

Reduced cost of ownership

Our stand-alone solar installations eliminate costs associated with planning, road traffic management, ground excavation works and grid connection.

benefits of led

Reduced Running Costs

Up to 77% savings are achievable on electrical costs with a significant carbon reduction by switching to our LED lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Unlike traditional fluorescent lighting our long life LED luminaires require almost no maintenance and are warranted for 5 years.

Better Display Quality

Using specifically designed optics, our LED lighting provides better colour rendering and a vibrant, uniform display. Retro-fitting LEDs gives tired displays a cost effective make over.

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Autonomous, self regulating solar power for billboard LED lighting and motorised displays. Integrated mobile communications provide remote programming and monitoring of system sensors and alerts.

Autonomous, self regulating solar powered LED lighting system for bus shelter advertising display and canopy light. Integrated mobile communications provide remote monitoring, RTI interface, system and damage sensor alarms plus customer Wi-Fi hotspot.

Modular LED  luminaires with customised optics suitable for illumination of an ad box enclosure or projecting onto the front face of a display. Luminaire designed is scalable to any length. Suitable to operate on electric grid connected or stand alone solar powered sites. Up to 77% savings in energy costs compared to existing lighting.

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